1. Delivery by Ground. We use delivery services to bring Puppies directly to your home. This type of delivery works for nearby States only. The price depends on the delivery location and varies between $150-$400, please contact us to get a quote.


2. Delivery by Air ranges from $150 to $300 depending on your location within the US, UK, Australia, and Canada We use Delta Cargo, American Airlines, and DHL, as the main carrier. Delivery is available to your nearest airport. You need to fill up Air Delivery Application, then we book flight and give you all the needed information to pick your puppy up. You have to show your ID and copy of the air-way bill at the airline’s facility. An option is not available if the temperature at each point is more than 85 degrees or lower than 25 degrees. 



 According to the sales contract, you can return the dog only in case of a genetic disease detected.

Allergy to the dog is not a cause for return