What our clients are saying

I LOVE my puppy so much and have referred a few of my friends to the website. They communicated with me about how she was doing up until the day that she arrived at my door. I was a little nervous about doing an online purchase but it all worked out for the best. My puppy is my little bestie

This company is an amazing company to do business with. They offered us an experience that took away all the worries and doubts that no other Breeder we’ve talked to in our area could offer. They guarantee us a healthy pet with no problems for less money no other Breeder would give us. They also included All the things a puppy would need from day one. They also included a kennel for him to start off in. He got a check ups with a veterinarian before, During and at delivery. It also gave us direct contact with the main breeder the whole time, and a day by day update about the dogs health and travel. I can’t talk about this experience enough. Financing would have been much easier for us, and just like any other loan that you would get from any bank, paperwork and information is required for any load, so keep that in mind. At first I was a little worried about all the information but in the end it was as they said it was. But they Provided us with so much info that any trusted company would have, and at No risk. Doing business with them was easier than buying from Amazon. Our dog of 13 years died on the same day Chase was born. And help fix some broken hearts for our family. He will never be better then our first Newfoundland. But I see qualities in him that remind us of our maxi every day. But he is Amazing dog and full of so much life. So take the risk and Enjoy the moment and the experiences that you get from it. Some times things like this are too good to be true.

As I was making inquiries before I purchased the puppy everyone was very pleasant and most helpful. Once I had purchased the puppy I was only able to speak with people who were non-native speakers of English and we had a great deal of difficulty communicating. I was not always able to get answers to my question. It would be most helpful if we could always communicate with native English speakers. I love my puppy and she loves me.

We are so blessed to have our puppy home, we fell in love with our puppy right away. Great service he was brought right to our doorstep. Thank you so so much.

We were given several delivery dates and the puppy arrived three days before we expected him. However we were home and I guess the early delivery gave us three more days of love. The beautiful little boy is the best.

There was a mix-up but all and all my experience was wonderful. I have a little angel who is a delight.

We have the most precious puppy in our lives and the whole process went smoothly. When we realized we had selected a Newfoundland version that wasn’t what we thought, they helped us make a change and now we have our beautiful Annie. We would be remiss if we didn’t caution others about how much work it is to raise a puppy. My husband and I are exhausted, and I don’t know how we would do this if one of us wasn’t retired and able to spend a lot of time with our baby. She is just what we wanted, and we couldn’t be happier.

Lucy is wonderful….exactly what we wanted. What a sweetheart…She was delivered in the morning promised with no hitches.You guys did great! I would use them again!

I recently lost my fifteen year old Shichon. I can’t replace her, but I absolutely love my new puppy. She sweet and so very cute. Your service was exactly as described and I couldn’t be happier with my little girl, Chewy.