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Have you been looking for where to get your new Life Companion?

Are you looking to get a new life companion and you still have not come to a conclusion? Well worry no more because you are at the right place. My Ideal Puppy gives you an option to choose your next companion between the adorable purebred daschund puppies we have.

The Daschund is a canine with an exceptional disposition. This variety shows restraint, easygoing, and delicate. This canine is exceptionally dedicated, faithful, reliable, and sweet. It can turn out to be so appended to its proprietor that it can’t adjust to another home. It shows restraint, energetic, and adoring with youngsters; it is a conceived sitter. It is adequately smart to follow up on its own when required. It makes an excellent guard dog. It can perceive a hazardous circumstance and will by and large demonstration if the family is compromised.

This variety is for the most part great with different creatures, however a few guys might be forceful with different guys. This variety might be marginally hard to prepare; it needs quiet, patient, adjusted preparing. This canine is exceptionally touchy to your manner of speaking. The Daschund loves to play.

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Why should you choose us?

Potty Trained

Our puppies Are Potty Trained, Well Socialized With Kids and Other Pets.

Up to date shots

All Our Puppies Are VET Checked, And Come With Up to Date Vaccine.

Health Guarantee

All Our Puppies Come With 3 Years Of Health Guarantee.